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TaxTyme is not in business to rip people off, instead, we want to educate taxpayers and help them to understand the process and the importance of their taxes so wherever they may go in the future if it is not to us, they will not fall prey to all of the corruption that is going on where Taxes are concerned. 


There are hundreds of Tax Preparation companies all around the DFW metroplex, some pop up in different locations each year, there are some that will prepare your taxes and will not be available to you once they are paid. Here at TaxTyme Express, I wanted to do things differently, I did not want to make it about the money.  There are many companies that say what they can do for you before even seeing what you have made for the year, or how much in taxes you paid out, Here at TaxTyme Express we do not make empty promises. I can tell you this, if there is money out there for you to get, I will get it for you legally.  You can always trust that your information is safe and that you will not be ripped off because your earned income credit is higher than others. Your information will never be sold to anyone or shared with anyone and I stand behind my work 100%. I am also available to you year-round, I do not shut down shop after you have received your money.  There are so many companies out there today, that are just doing the same thing year after year and getting the same results. Here at TaxTyme,  I pride myself on keeping up with all of the new tax laws year after year, I study your information year after year to see where there are new ways that you can get more money back in taxes or not owe money to the IRS.  No matter who does your taxes, you should always leave that office knowing everything that went on as far as your taxes are concerned. 


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